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shutterstock 188023607 - Online Gaming Is Slowly Becoming the Norm, but Will Single-Player Games Survive?

Online Gaming Is Slowly Becoming the Norm, but Will Single-Player Games Survive?

With the rise of the Internet, everything went online. Nowadays, this is more true than ever. Most services and goods are available and purchased online, which is why all the big industries have moved online too. One such industry is the gaming industry.

This entertainment area is one of the most popular ones, as there are millions of gamers worldwide. Four out of five people enjoy playing games in their free time, and they do so on various devices. Most games are online nowadays as a younger demographic of gamers yearn for more action, loot boxes, skins, characters, and whatnot.

With titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many others, the industry is looking to stay online. The move online might be permanent if you ask certain players. They cooperate in most such titles to complete an objective which is why these sorts of titles might be the future of gaming.

However, some companies still make single-player titles, and they do a fine job. These titles and companies argue that single-player games aren't dead, nor will they be in the future. But the enormous audience of online gamers might disagree. So, who's in the right?

The Mammoth That Is Online Gaming

As mentioned before, many industries have gone online. The entertainment industry is one of them, which is evident in many areas. For example, you can turn to films and TV shows. It used to be you'd wait for a show to come at a specific time on a particular day. Nowadays, platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more let you know when a show premiers. The premiere date is when you get an entire season, and you'll get to watch it without having to wait for the next episode.

The iGaming region of entertainment is also online, despite the many land-based casinos still in operation. It's easier for casino players all over the world to enjoy their favorite games online. They can also visit various online casinos. So, a player from the US, UK, or Canada can visit a Swiss online casino and vice versa. They can access loads of table and slot games and live titles, all from the comfort of their home on their PC or tablet or on their smartphones.

Technological advancements helped the move online. Nowadays, it's pretty easy to get a connection on your phone to play your favorite game. Fortnite is an interconnected game that allows players to play on consoles, PCs, and smartphones. This is one of the reasons why online gaming is slowly becoming the norm.

Then you have the overall popularity of gaming, making it an e-sport. Many young gamers are looking to become e-sport champions. They need to be ready for a match to get a better title shot. The games at these kinds of tournaments are online, which is why they play online games so much.

Another argument to consider is that people play these games together. It's a fun activity that lets you spend time with your friends or family. These games are engaging and competitive, which is what gamers are looking for.

When you sum up these reasons, you'll see why most companies are pushing for online games. Online gaming is becoming the norm and is pushing single-player games out. But certain companies are still around and are making a statement for single-player games.

A Statement in Defense of Single-Player Games

Most online gamers would argue that offline titles are on the out. But they aren't, as there are lots of games out there that prove the opposite. Some companies might try blending modern gaming standards with their creative flows to produce spectacular titles.

One such example is the third Witcher game that was released in 2015. It follows the visual standards of the time and looks pretty good. The mechanics weren't that smooth in the beginning, but everything was fixed with a few patches.

However, most gamers ignored the glitches because the game sucked them in. The story element in the Wild Hunt hooked players then, what reels them in now, and what will continue to fascinate them. It's a game set in an imaginary world based on Slavic mythology, making it a fantasy game. It takes you to a magical world and lets you explore it as you please.

A story is something any online title lacks. It may look good and play smoothly, but a single-player game with a good story will always have a faithful audience. And it doesn't need to adhere to the standards of the time.

Platformers are hits regardless if they're released for PC or mobile devices. They are in their leagues because they know how to bend the rules. One platformer title that's an example of this is Mark of the Ninja. It's a 2D game that looks like a cartoon, and you, the player, go from mission to mission, or rather episode to episode, clearing buildings and getting to your objectives while avoiding traps. It looks good and has a nice story. In its essence, it's a simple idea that works great.

In short, single-player games are here to stay. No matter how popular online games get, their single-player counterparts will always be on the market. A fraction of gamers will be looking for these kinds of titles.

It all comes down to what you're looking for in a game. You can play single-player games if you're looking for a story or an exciting title. Alternatively, online games will make you more competitive and will let you enjoy a fun gaming session with friends.

Although there's a rise in online gaming, single-player games are doing pretty well. Both kinds of games will be popular because they challenge players differently. In a way, they need each other to keep the industry as a whole.

Online games offer a dose of competitiveness not available in single-player titles. On the other hand, single-player games offer good stories you can't make happen in online games. Both are crucial to the gaming industry.


shutterstock 1279826095 - New Fairer And Safer Rules In UK Online Gambling

New Fairer And Safer Rules In UK Online Gambling

Today gambling commission announced new produced rules to be adhered to by all online operators so that gambling can be safer and fairer. These new provided rules do follow extensive consultation and will help operators in verifying the information from customers like age and identity details easier, and this will be consumers’ advantage.

Children’s Safety

The online gambling UK businesses can have 72 hours for conducting age verification checks. Online operators can only allow clients to withdraw their winnings after verifying their age. However, when the operator finds that the age of the person is below the specified, then their stakes will be returned. The introduced rules help in guarding all childhood gambling risks since the client’s ages are verified before they:

  • Gamble using the licensee either with their money, bonuses, or free bets
  • Can have their account be deposited with funds

Also, the online gambling commission currently insists that all clients’ ages need to be well verified, so they are in a position of accessing all versions of free-to-play for the online gambling website games by the licensees. Even though these online available free-to-play games cant be technically gambling games in that they don't have prize being involved, still their cant is the reason as to why children should be permitted to play them.

Fairer And Safer

The online gambling commission announced during their 2018 March conference that few online operators were known to treat the customers very unfair in that, they requested unnecessary information from their clients when they needed to withdraw their cash. Most complaints adding up to 15% available in the contact center were on the licensees preventing their clients from cashing out their money until they have submitted other ID credentials.

The introduced rules need that the remote licensees should:

  • Minimum, verify clients’ date of birth, name, and addresses before they do allow them to proceed to gamble.
  • Inquire about more prompt details
  • Give customers information on necessary documents, when such records are needed, and which method would they use to submit the documents to the licensees. All these details should be addressed to clients before their fund's withdrawal.
  • Always use the necessary steps and ensure all identities of their clients are as accurate still

The introduced changes aimed at helping online operators in preventing harm and detecting criminal activities because all information on their clients is available. The proposed changes also mean that the clients are protected from submitting unnecessary details to their operators when they withdraw their funds since all particulars should be asked in advance.

Finally, when anybody tries gambling in the self-excluded places, then they will automatically be identified with the new changes. Also, the self-exclusion of online operators will face the identification from new changes with the Gamstop, which is an online self-exclusion scheme for multi-operators. This is since all adequate operators verification does mean no client will be verified. Hence, they cannot gamble if they don't supply the needed correct information. All information provided is checked against the Gamstop and online operators’ databases for full confirmation.

Neil McArthur, the online gambling commissioner, working as chief executive mentioned that the introduced changes can now protect the young people with vulnerable ones not to be harmed from any gambling activities and it will also reduce all risks of crime associated with gambling matters. The changes can also make fair online gambling UK by assisting the clients in collecting all they win with no delays. Some of the best top rated UK sites find here.

The current largest market to be regulated in the entire world is Online Britain Gambling Market, where the commissioners must ensure they become effortless and safe. The commissioners introduced changes can follow the ongoing widespread regulations and online gambling review to their online sectors. He added that they would work with their powers so that their client's standards will be raised very high.

The secretary of Sport, Media, Culture, and State, Jeremy Wright also added that; the significant introduced changes means all operators have to confirm the age of everybody before proceeding with gambling, and not after betting. The changes do add extra layer concerning children protection that attempt any online activities, including gaming. When robust age verification is advanced towards the free-to-play online games, then the children will have a very safe online environment, and this will help in shutting down any gateway towards gambling-related harms – on 7th may, new changes are introduced.

Online gambling commission has plans for launching consultations, which exploits people’s expectations on clients interaction who can experience harms of online gambling. It can call towards gambling blocking software evidence.


Online Protection 101 – Everything You Need to Know About Hackers

Without a doubt online security becomes more important every day due to the flow of data on the web and the increasing number of hackers who go fishing every day to do their illegal practices that threaten Internet users.

These hackers often steal confidential and personal information to hurt celebrities and people across the internet.

Just as there are very good things on the net, it is well known that this also has many risks and dangers, such as viruses and hackers. A large number of Internet users around the world have been victims of hackers, deceived by very effective tricks, that do not raise suspicion.

In this article, we will see the best ways to protect yourself from hackers and also an explanation of your actions on the web.

Main Causes

Hackers can search for information without malicious purposes, but many hackers are at the site of the raid and can hack you for several reasons. For example, there are small hackers, who seek to obtain passwords from friends and acquaintances to violate the privacy of these people, that data can be used for both a joke of bad taste and for blackmail and other purposes.

There are many types of hackers looking for very varied information, this is why you have to be informed.

Another of the causes to be hacked is the theft of accounts, this to use for malicious purposes such as the creation of spam, theft of more accounts, the creation of immense databases with information from people to sell to companies.

Suspicious Links

One of the main tips is to avoid clicking on suspicious links received by mail, and this does not matter if the sender is a known person. It is the custom of hackers to take contact names to have more credibility.

It may also be the case that the person is known to have bad intentions or that a hacker already has hacked the account of your contact, friend or family and manages to send emails containing a virus to infect your computer.


Remember that no bank requests data update by mail, if you get an email that looks like the bank asking for that type of information, communicate immediately with the bank and denounce this.

In fact, the most common thing is to receive emails that look for users to enter numbers and bank data to allegedly prevent the account from being closed. It's always fake, as you have to call the bank first so you can be sure about the source of the communication.


It is highly recommended that you always have a firewall active to avoid the entry of suspicious programs or to prevent data from coming out without our permission.

With these tips surely you and your computer will be protected from any type of damage or hacker that is in the network, it is necessary to keep the programs updated and to read information on the subject so as not to be a victim of these thieves.


Virtual Reality and Hacking – New Exploit Threatens Virtual Reality App

Even though it is hard to believe, hacking people’s virtual reality (VR) experience can be easily done by attackers anywhere in the world. A group of researchers from New Haven’s Alma Mater found a breachwhere some hackers were able to skilfully get access to some VR Rooms playing with people’s gaming experience while damaging their real-life perception as well.

Here, in this article, we in Pure Electronic Games online are excited to teach you how the VR world is being threatened by the imminent attack of hackers.

New VR App


Bigscreen is the name of the virtual reality gaming app this group of hackers got the chance to get access to. The VR app is built on the Unity platform, a small game development company.

The app basically shows a made-up world for everyone using it where all the users can communicate with each other while discovering things on their way, like secret rooms, secret objects, share content, watch movies, and more.

Hackers Everywhere


The possibilities to do new things and take advantage of a breach in any internet connection-based platform is almost impossible to avoid as the internet lets you share, copy, and gather information from any source.

In Bigscreen the hackers started to break-in into private rooms, making objects to appear from nowhere making the users feel very uncomfortable, while being heard by an ‘invisible guest'.

This way, the investigation group found out how the hackers were entering the rooms while nobody noticed, and stayed there hearing and recording everything. Because of this, it’s important to keep your information safe, and never share it in public spaces like apps and chatrooms, even though they assure it’s private.


3 Instant-Classic Online Videogames For PC

With the arrival of new technology, it is obvious that our videogames have evolved into a more sophisticated type of art. Nowadays most of the games in the market are exclusively online, making it a better way to connect with other players around the world and enjoy a great match of our favourite videogame.

But there are videogames from these past two years that we know are going to stick with us for a while, since they possess the best elements that make a game truly playable and have a great competitive scene and fun elements to mess around, for that, here are the online videogames that we consider as an instant classic.


Battle Royale videogames have been a sensation these past years, and while there are many games that share this type of gameplay, there’s no doubt that the best game around in this genre has to be Fortnite.

Fortnite hands down have the best playable elements in a modern shooter, and takes a creative look into the design of the characters and chooses to be a little more cartoony and friendly in contrast to the other games of this genre.

Something to be aware of Fortnite is that its dedicated servers are incredibly safe and almost un-hackable, so they are the perfect choice for the gamers that wish to keep their identity and private data as safe as possible.

Rocket League

A game that since its release a couple of years back has received tons of updates making it a great and interesting game with an original concept, as well as really fun gameplay. It is a mix of a racing game and football, and believe it or not, it works wonders and has a certain level of difficulty that makes it perfect for casual players.

Since it was released this game has held thousands of matches and it has become a fan favourite for many, so we can be sure that Rocket League is a game that we are going to see more from in the future.

Team Fortress 2

A Valve videogame makes an entry to this list, and is no other than Team Fortress 2, a free-to-play videogame that was really famous the year of its release, and more than ten years have passed since the introduction of this title, and it has become a player's choice when it comes to picking an online videogame.

Another thing to take in consideration is the protection that Team Fortress has in their servers, since it’s part of the valve platform, you can trust your information to Team Fortress.

Online videogames are one of the favourite hobbies for many people out there, and with this list, you might pick your favourite game and go into the action, just remember to have fun and be respectful to other players.


Attention Gamers – 4 Dangerous Threats for Online Gamers

One of the most amazing issues of online games is that we can be connected and interact with millions of people at the same time, regardless of the time zone we are located at. Each of these aspects has returned to the video game industry, not just one of the most important, but also one of the most millionaires in the world, far surpassing the television industry. It is there that it finds its importance within our whole life.

And of course, with this success, there are also other aspects, like the concern for the security of the data of the users. The popularity of online games is likely to call attention not only to potential new players but also to virtual criminals seeking to harm users through their tricks and other game-damaging pitfalls.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the main threats that online players have.

Identity Theft

Known mostly as "Phishing", it is one of the most traditional threats in the virtual world and with the accelerated growth of online video games, there is no reason to imagine that it would not be able to adapt to the current market.

On this occasion, the user receives emails with links that redirect it to false pages in order to enter personal data and even bank information. So, they get to steal the records of many users.

Virtual Abuse

It is a popular threat in the virtual world by its English term "cyberbullying" and occurs through a tool that most online games possesses, internal chat, whose sole purpose is communication between users or, sometimes necessary, with the technical service of the game.

But, for some users, this channel has become the ideal space to send other people insults, humiliations, inconvenient situations, among other baseness that cause harm.


Those who seek the advantage over others with somewhat debatable or dishonest methods is something that has always existed, but in this case, it is those who use adulterated customers or robots to obtain irregular advantages in the games.

When a player's account ranks among the best, the more enticing it becomes for virtual criminals.The video game industry invests a lot of money to avoid that their businesses and especially their users are not affected by this type of threats.

Bad Updates

A tactic widely used in this type of action is to place at the disposal of users, updates, patches or fake utilities for the game in order to deceive and steal valuable information.

Commonly what you are looking for is information on bank accounts, access credentials and even (taking into account the Bitcoin moment) the use of personal computers for crypto coins mining that can cause permanent damage on the computer.

These internet crimes are the worst thing that can happen to an online player.That is why many precautionary measures are taken to avoid all kinds of damage done to users, antiviruses and other applications can work to stop this type of hacker that is becoming very popular in the last decade.


Case Study: How Online Gaming Is Mandatory Even for Single-Player

Understanding the appeal of the majority of AAA companies in putting online features in linear games or single player games is something that we’ve seen these past years. While there are many good reasons behind these connections, we have to wonder about the options that most players have when they want to enjoy a simple offline adventure.

The Reason Behind Forced Online

One of the main reasons why games are allowing their single-player campaign to be connected to online almost all times is to try to optimize the experience and search for possible bugs and send reports of these flaws.

We understand that videogames aren’t perfect, and with technology evolving so quickly, finding bugs in videogames has become something so basic in the industry that they need new ways to approach them and make a proper patch.

The Destiny Problem

Bungie is a well-known AAA company that always delivers the best videogames around, they surprised all their gamers with the release of Destiny, a fun shooter with elements of RPG and is also heavily focused on online interactions, being their main objective while they were making the game.

But as their other entries, they have chosen to make a campaign mode, something that pleased the expectations of the fans a lot, since they are always up for some good old campaign mode.

Sadly, this campaign mode was a feature that needed to be connected to the internet at all times, making it quite impossible for players who didn’t want to connect their consoles to something impossible to reach. Some players also didn’t have an internet connection, making the whole game useless for these players.

The Problems That Comes with Forced Online

There are many gamers that choose to enjoy their videogames in an offline mode since they might be interested in spending some time disconnected from the World Wide Web and distract themselves with a game.

If this is the case, they might not be able to. Since there’s a long list of games that are including online features on their single player campaign, making the term “offline mode” almost obsolete.

While there are a handful of games that are still playable even though you deactivated your online features, a lot of games are now having a wall that doesn’t let you play the game at all.

The future for offline players is uncertain since there are fewer games that are being developed to be “online-free”, even if the game is not multiplayer, there is always going to be a new online feature.


Fraud and the Internet – How to Avoid Internet Scams

It is becoming more and more common to see suspicious messages of ridiculously reduced products, incredible discounts and offers that are irresistible on social networks. Since Instagram has been consolidated as a business and shopping platform, finding users of this type of scam is beginning to be common.

The scam is the commonly used name that is used to refer to the deception or scam that users can suffer if they fall for those attention calls mentioned above.

Most of the time they happen on a website with big discounts, recognized brands that sell their stock almost gifted through Facebook. This is how the user falls into the trap, clicks on the link and the damage is done. The user’s money and data is stolen, which damages the integrity of these social networks.

In this article, we will see some more reliable methods to avoid scams throughout the world of the Internet.

Don’t Give Passwords


The most important and most widespread council throughout the world is never to facilitate and under no circumstances provide the user keys of any of the services we use, including email, social networks, bank accounts, PayPal, among other things.

None of these entities will ever request to renew passwords or check them via email, so if you receive any mail with these requirements, they undoubtedly are scam.

Check URL


Another important measure to avoid this type of scams, is to access the official page from a corresponding URL and avoid the links we can find in secondary pages and confusingly, could redirect to another.

We must enter the specific URL in the browser or in its default, type it in Google, checking the URL in the address bar, because many times the scam pages copy the layout of the normal pages and cause the thefts.

Don't Click


Nor should we clickon any link we find in social networks, as they have become the new way of distribution of malicious software by cybercriminals. If you perceive suspicious links from the wall of some social network, even from one of your friends, it is advisable not to click, as many of these malicious scripts are forwarded from one account to another, as happens with emails, which are sent to many users.

PC Updated


We must keep the PC updated and have precise tools in the removal of malware, it is imperative to prevent infections or to restore the computer to normal once they have occurred. In the market, there are free and effective tools that we can use.

It is important to apply common sense, because if someone offers us something that sounds too good to be true, surely it is not, so it is not worth risking to check.

With these tips, you can probably keep away from the biggest dangers of the internet as the main thing is your data and have the necessary security within your devices.

That is why these scams often use people with little common sense or low security within their PC and other devices that handle personal accounts and they might be prone to receiving attacks from several groups of hackers or scam organizations.


Phishing – All You Need to Know

There is much vulnerability in today's systems, as we always look for new solutions to solve the real problems that are actually problematic.

That is why companies are creating awareness in society to avoid most of the scams that can occur on the Internet because of the computer attackers lurking in the shadows. One of those scams is called phishing and, in this article,we will see what it is.

What's Phishing?

Phishing is a social engineering technique used by criminals to obtain confidential information such as user names, passwords and credit card details posing as a reliable and legitimate communication.

The Phishing scenario is usually associated with the ability to duplicate a web page to make the visitor believe that it is on the original web site instead of the fake

How does it work?

Deception is usually done via email, and often these emails contain links to a fake web site that looks almost identical to a legitimate site. Once on the fake site, unwary users are tricked into entering their confidential data, which gives criminals a wide margin for scams and frauds with the information obtained.

The main way to carry out the deception is by sending spam (junk mail) and inviting the user to access the decoy page.

The objective is to acquire confidential user information such as passwords, credit cards or financial and banking data. Often, these emails arrive in the inbox disguised as coming from human resources or technology departments or commercial areas related to financial transactions.

Other Ways

Another form of phishing which is less common, can be fax and SMS messages over the mobile phone. In some cases, great prizes and discounts will be proclaimed in the sale of products.

It should also be noted that the messages is generic and the messages are sent massively to reach a high number of users, knowing that a percentage (although minimal) will fall into the trap and enter the fake site, where they steal the information.

You have to be very careful with phishing because it is a problem that affects many users today, and all users are susceptible to this type of cyber scam.


4 Cyber Security Tips for Business Travelers

One of the greatest pleasures in the world is to travel. When travelling we are transported to other worlds very different from ours.

But, when we travel there is a very big problem, we leave all our electronic devices in the house and anyone could enter to steal our most precious data and leave us with no information.

This is why we often seek advice on the Internet to prevent bad people from stealing our data while we are somewhere else in the world. It is very important to keep all the informationsafe, so we won't end up being victims of theft perpetrated by hackers or even by people we know.

In this article, we will see some of the best ways to prevent hacking attempts to our data while we travel.

Keep Passwords Safe

We know that you have to be aware of many things while you travel, such as work, and that having a safe and different password for each product and service is hard to remember.

However, using the same password for everything or writing it down on a paper that everyone can see is a way to compromise the security of your company and your own personal information, that's why you need to keep your passwords safe in your mind for greater security.

Secure Network

If you connect to free Wi-Fi, make sure that the network in question is authentic. The vendor will have a sign with the access data on the wall, you can also ask someone inside your hotel.

Check the spelling well and do not be fooled, if you're going to connect to Wi-Fi, use your hotel's VPN and avoid financial transactions. If you do not have your own VPN, use a secure connection looking for the best VPN on the internet, so you will avoid many headaches.


One of the tricks that criminals use to get into the networks is to impersonate the email of a legitimate sender. No foreigner is immune to phishing scams, some of the most famous people have been victims.

Criminals love to get personal information stored in customer records, because they can sell or exchange it in the dark places of the Internet and, thus, make money. You have to be very careful.


You have to be very cautious and begin to make backup copies of your data to prevent a hacker from stealing your information and asking for a ransom for it. It is common for people who know little about the issue to pay large sums of money for their data to be returned while travelling. You have to be very careful with everything you do on the networks.

With these tips it is very difficult for hackers to attack you, you always have to be careful with your actions on the Internet and even more while you travel. These tips were made by professionals in the field to help our users.