Tribute to Single-Player – Why Videogames Need an Offline Campaign

Video games have come a long way since they were just a couple of dots on a dark screen. Nowadays, they bring a type of online entertainment that most of us couldn’t have imagined.

Besides, it has come with great titles in recent years that have given us notable experiences and memorable moments and has made us appreciate this type of art even more.

Now, video games are focused on the online experiences they can provide, since online interaction is incredibly common among the most popular genres, such as Shooters and MMORPGs. Online video games are great and they are known for having more replay value than single player video games.

However, there are many modern online video games that come without a single player mode, they don't include a campaign and are only focused on the online experiences you might have.

Understanding the Online Gaming Appeal

It is easy to see why the majority of gamers are choosing online video games rather than single-player games. The answer lies in the challenge that comes when you race against other players, dominate the enemy team and end up victorious among your teammates.

The fact that you are competing against real people with real strategies makes the whole game more enjoyable since you now understand that your victory has meaning in comparison with the ones you get by playing offline.

Solo Mode and Storytelling

While we are looking at one side of the coin, we have to agree that, most of the offline experiences we get are often a structured narrative that chooses to challenge us and tell us a great story, one that we can be part of.

There are a lot of good online video games that have a great campaign mode, for example, The Call of Duty: Black Ops Series.

The game has been praised for its incredible online mode, as well as the fun features that you might experience, but the fact that a lot of people say that the best feature was the campaign mode is something to pinpoint.

A great narrative and good storytelling are often mixed with good gameplay, making the overall experience of playing a campaign more memorable, it leaves you with the feeling that you just finished a great story and you were the main protagonist.

The Necessity of an Offline Campaign

We get that online video games are the future, as well how competitive each session or match can get, but having an offline mode means that we are in our own adventure, in which we are the main protagonist of our story and we plan to get to the end of it.

Here you differentiate the boundaries between the competitive mode and the emptiness of a random match. With the offline mode, we enjoy the focus that only a campaign can give us, the way in which we are the ones who can make the choices and how the story is designed especially for us.

Without a doubt, we all know that the future means online multiplayer, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the fact that many games are choosing to forget a campaign mode is something to be sad about, since we are losing a great game mode.


Parental Control – Everything You Need to Know About Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that caused a mass sensation since the day it was released. A great and unique concept filled with imagination made the game perfect for a younger audience that wanted to explore their creativity and have a good time.

The Beginnings of Minecraft

While Minecraft was first introduced as a game for all audiences, everybody guessed that it was going to be popular for the mature audience, due to its weird and almost outdated graphics as it did not look so great at first glance.

But, as time went by, a lot of people became interested in the game and the unique elements that it possesses, for that, it spread quickly as one of the best indie games today.

Minecraft and Young Gamers

As we stated earlier, the game captivated a lot of young gamers who wanted to explore and enjoy the little world that Minecraft represents, and after that, the game received great online features. It quickly became something else for many and the way a lot of gamers played it evolved.

Is Minecraft Safe for My Kid?

This is a question that is often asked by concerned parents who are afraid of the popularity of the game and how it affects the behaviour of the child, and it is obvious that they want to know what their kids are exposed to.

First of all, Minecraft is a pretty harmless game in comparison with the other bestseller video games on the market. It also has an offline mode that is completely safe from the weird interactions with other users.

The main concern might be the multiplayer experience, and luckily, there are a lot of family-friendly servers that are safe for our kids.

Minecraft is a fun experience that any type of gamer can enjoy and this includes kids, so just keep your eyes open and see what kind of server is ideal for your child.

Parental Controls - Rules, Tools, and Child Cell Phone Safety

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Mac OS Mistake – New Unpatched Mac OS Comes with a Flaw that Might Compromise Your Security

Creating a stable and safe software is more ofa utopia than a mere reality, and Apple is now tasting a bit of their own medicine with the latest version of their biggest Mac OS Mojave, where a bridge was found and malicious apps and programs could have complete access to your personal data and sensitive information without even breaking a sweat.

Can you imagine being one of the users and find out your identity has been stolen while you were browsing through Google? Outrageous, right?

In this article, we’ll show you how Apple is dealing with the flaw, and how it was found by an app developer who was trying new stuff.


The Flaw Affects all Mojave Versions

No matter the Mac OS version you’re running on your devices, it’s important to let you know this breach is known to affect all Mojave versions and previous ones as well. Apparently, the exposure allows several apps to have access to people’s browsing history whether it is enabled or not.

Encrypted Information and the fear of leakage

These files are usually encrypted and in read-only mode, but even though people are being conscious and want to protect their information, hackers are smarter and more vicious than a ‘regular' person. So, it's inevitable for hackers to access the ‘hidden' files and check all the information they happen to find inside making you feel vulnerable and ‘naked' online.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, the app developer who found the breach chose not to share the actual way to enter the files without any restriction whatsoever until Apple is able to release their new patched version after fixing the flaw to avoid problems.

Now you know. If you are an avid iOS lover and love to search around online while using sensitive information, be careful and take good care of your personal data.


The End of An Era – Are Offline Games Finally Becoming Extinct

Video games are a relatively new platform of entertainment that is incredibly different from other experiences that we can get in our homes. We are talking about entering an adventure and seeing an incredible digital world where we can be a part of it, making it a great sensation and a good hobby for many.

But, video games in the past were often a solo experience that let us be part in a major point of a narrative, as well as taking important decisions that may affect the outcome of the story. Most of the video games that take the elements of narrative and the opinion of the player are being praised for, such as Fallout: New Vegas and the Mass Effect saga.

If we take a closer look at these current times, we’ll realize that some sagas have turned into multiplayer experiences that are trying to fuse a good narrative with the online connectivity that we all know.

The Appeal of Multiplayer


While we can invest about eight-to-nine hours of our time in a game that possess a solo narrative which is interesting and appealing, many gamers are going to feel drawn to a quick 30 minutes match in their favourite online video game, such as CS: GO and League of Legends.

The amount of time they have to enjoy the game, as well the challenge that comes when you face another player in combat, are more satisfying for modern gamers than following a structured adventure that is often boring and feels empty for many out there.

Not to mention that there’s a lot of online video games that rely on the cooperation of the players, such as the MMORPG’S, a genre that is mostly focused on the interaction of players, and these games are known for requiring a lot of time in order to progress, so it is better for players to focus on one video game than split their time playing tons of single player games.

The Single Player Experience


There’s no doubt that a lot of single player releases in this year are being praised for their narrative and the overall experience, such is the case of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Uncharted 4. These games are long-awaited sequels that truly made an impact on the day they were released.

But, most of these single player-based video games are coming with online features and multiplayer connectivity. Such is the fact of Red Dead Redemption 2, which possess an online experience that can be compared with its single-player experience, making it more appealing for the player to play multiplayer experience, rather than enjoying the narrative of the single player.

Multiplayer video games often come with the experience of bonding with other people while you play, making it more complete for many than following the traditional story, and while a lot of these multiplayer games come with a campaign and story, if we face the truth, we all know that the main reason why they play the game is for the multiplayer story.

The future for offline video games is uncertain since every day there’s less enthusiasm for enjoying a solo adventure and most gamers are drawn to the quick action that most online video games have to offer them, making them more appealing for gamers.


4 Pro Tips on How to Protect Your Financial Information Online

The internet is already part of almost all of our daily activities. While there are more advances in the technological process and in international networks, even more, the internet comes close to our lives to be important.

That is why most systems around the world have started to integrate new technologies that ensure the total balance of a virtual platform, in order to keep users safer.

Online banking has also begun to follow in the footsteps of large industries, and has gradually implemented all systems to the Internet. And many times, we usually see the advantages that these network systems provide.

But we also need to see the drawbacks and find solutions to prevent the damage that could be caused. In this article, we will review the most used tips to keep financial accounts secure within the Internet.

Safe Computers

When doing banking it is advisable to opt for computers that we use habitually (at your home or at work), avoiding the use of public computers or free and open Wi-Fi networks that could capture personal data.

If it’s strictly necessary to use it, it would be best to change the bank passwords as soon as possible to avoid any theft of personal data and thus keep your accounts safe and free of any attack within the online world.


We should never archive keys, account numbers, passwords, card numbers or other confidential data on any computer as there are drawbacks where a partner has the audacity to steal the data and enter all our bank accounts.

It is necessary to save all the data in a safe place where no person can access it, nobody else but you. This is one of the main tips if we want to have the best security.

Bank Security

Once inside the digital banking we should know that the portal of a digital bank has certificates that guarantee the security of the system. To extend confidence, other measures have been developed.

These include the blocking of the accounts against anomalous movements, notices against suspicious facts, the request of numerical passwords sent to the mobile device or the introduction of certain coordinates at the time to perform operations, among other things to detect bad operations.

Check Accounts

Digital banking allows you to access the accounts at any time to check periodically that no foreign movements occur, and that the date and time of connection correspond to the last session started.

And it is necessary for each person to keep most of their accounts updated and verified every so often to minimize the risks that might exist by having a bank account susceptible to stealing personal data. You always have to do a deep check of the accounts.

Once we have finished our operations, we must always close the session and the navigator. This way we will finish the online transactions correctly, with few drawbacks and sure that everything went well.

These tips are fundamental and represent the best way to keep our financial accounts safe and free of any possible attacks.

Basic Tips to Protect Your Digital Life

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Into the Rabbit Hole – The Truth Behind Online Casino Security

The world of online casinos is growing exponentially, and more companies are entering a sector that is on the rise. It's not a surprise, and online casinos have become a lot more enjoyable that is much more accessible from our homes.

That's why many people are actively betting and wagering at online casinos. In the 21st century, it is interesting to see how the bets are evolving to the point where social interaction is not necessary.

In this article, we have a list of safe online casinos you can be at ease with because they meet all the necessary requirements to be a legal casino. However, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the information in this sector, which will help you stay safe no matter where you choose to play.


Licenses Information

All legitimate casinos will present a stamp of their licensing agency on their website. Some licenses are considered more credible than others, and the authorities of the United Kingdom, Malta, Costa Rica, Kahnawake, and any European location are the most reliable.

In Spain, of course, DGOJ is the highest authority in this matter and the most reliable one of all.

The licensing information is usually shown at the bottom of a casino's home page, so we recommend that before making a deposit at an online casino, check all of the terms and conditions and verify that you have the seal to verify Safe Play security.


Most online casinos do not create their own games. On the contrary, they receive games from several software developers. This should be an important factor for all players because there are more and better software vendors which mean more and better games to help the gaming industry grow and capture new customers.

It is necessary to take into account the new software developers and to verify in advance the majority of their games to know if they are reliable or not.

Illegal Casinos

A small minority of casino websites is determined to ruin everything for everyone. These brands are known to exploit players, deny profits or carry out financial crimes, including money laundering and fraud.

This is a very small percentage, but that is why we have emphasized the fact that you have to review all the terms and conditions, and especially the authorized seal so that users do not have fear at the moment of withdrawing the money.

Terms and Conditions

Too often, players are immersed directly into playing at an online casino without reading the terms and conditions of the page. Whenever money changes its holder, it is important to know exactly where you are depositing it and especially when you will be able to withdraw it. The terms and conditions of an online casino should be easy to locate if not, that is a bad sign.

These would be the main tips to be taken into account when entering an online casino. In many cases, there are scams that cannot be discovered by the police. That is why you have to be very careful and follow these tips.


Check Twice! – Avoid Being a Victim of This New Phishing Technique

When we get access to any kind of website through Facebook login, generally assume that everything is going to be fine because we are accustomed to entering the site with no problems as it seems to be absolutely legit to trust the familiar blue icon.

Now, rules have changed a bit with the new technique some hackers are getting into use and abuse.

Phishing Is Easy to Do

This operational criminal tactic ends up stealing your vital personal information and sending it to hackers so they can do whatever they want with your data. They give a new name to the word phishing.

No matter how vigilant users are they could easily fall for this method of data collection. It was found that cybercriminals were publishing links to services and blogs which sent visitors to read articles or get discounted goods through the login using the Facebook account button.

Once you click on this button two possible things can happen, you're getting redirected to Facebook or getting served with Facebook on a pop-up window so you can enter your profile through showing Facebook credentials.

Later on, it was pointed out the malevolent blogs and services are showing users a very close to reality phoney Facebook prompt but once they click this, their info gets stolen.

What Happens with The Info?

This info can be stolen for many purposes such as bank account theft, industrial spying, privacy invasion and whatever it might attempt against trustful technology users.

This fake Facebook prompt is specially designed to look and feel exactly as the real deal so users click on it confidently to realize that once they do, they could easily be victims of malware.

Malware Breach

Malware is the root of all phishing attacks because thanks to this malicious software, hackers have their way into all the information they can get and get paid for.

As a matter of fact, interaction with this phoney Facebook login prompt is so real that you can drag it anywhere and even click on exit as if it was a real button so people don't know what they're getting into.

The only way to protect yourself against this malware attack is to drag the login prompt to the edge of the pop-up window, this way you get to detect if it's real by checking if it disappears a little towards the border of the window.

It's always a good practice to authenticate with two factors in order to prevent hacker attacks once they got your information. That way the security breaches can be minimized.

Cybersecurity companies invest millions on trying to avoid all kinds of schemes that destroy the trust of the customers in computer products but we can also do our own in order to keep safe and to take good care of our hardware and software.

It's quite important to realize how easy we could lose our means of work and entertainment by having a sloppy guarding technique in our equipment. Let's not allow hackers to do that.

How to Detect a Phishing Email

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Protect Your Phone – 3 Tips to Secure Your Data

You may not realize it, but most of our online interactions are made through our smartphones. Sure, we use our computer a lot while we work or interact on social media, but, nowadays, people are more connected thanks to the use of our mobile devices, and the way we can connect almost immediately to the internet with these devices.

But the downside of smartphones is how easily we can get hacked just by using them on a regular basis, although, there are, of course, a lot of ways to avoid this.


Don’t use public Wi-Fi

One of the quickest ways hackers use to extract information from users is when they connect to public domain Wi-Fi. A skilled hacker can see exactly what you are doing on your smartphone without much trouble. If you want to avoid being hacked, you need to stop using public Wi-Fi.

Keep your smartphone updated

Most of the flaws that your smartphones have are easy access for hackers. Thankfully, the systems are always updating their mistakes and closing the loopholes that many hackers use to find exploits and bugs, all in order to get our private information.

Having your device updated means that you have the latest digital security and also that you are not likely to suffer from hacking attempts.

Avoid spam emails

One of the easiest tricks for hackers to get into your private info is by using spam emails and messages, if you are smart enough, you’ll know how to ignore and avoid any of these messages, and so you will protect your information and keep it away from these types of hackers.

With that being said, following these easy tips can make the difference to keep your personal information as far as possible from hackers, in that way, your data won't be stolen.


3 Easy Steps on How to Protect Your Personal Data

There are many cases of online security being perpetrated by anonymous hackers in order to get your personal information, financial data and other belongings that might be important for you.

The truth is that it is almost impossible to be totally secured from hackers and you are more likely to suffer from a hacking attempt if you are sloppy enough not to have protection and proper security.

With that in mind, in order to finally be completely secure and avoid as many hackers as you can, you should follow these tips to be a little more relieved when it comes to your online data, as well your privacy online.

Think A Little More About Security Questions


One of the best ways to recover your password is to answer some personal questions that might go from your favourite superhero when you were a child, to the name of your dog. These questions are really standard and serve the purpose of recovering your password if you ever forget it, but most hackers use these questions to obtain your password.

To avoid being hacked through these questions, you need to choose the ones that only you know, or even put your own answers and put an answer that only you can know. This way you’ll stop worrying about hacking attempts.

Dedicated Email for Passwords Only


Another intelligent move if you truly want to be secure from all hacking attempts, is to create a new email that only you know, and use it as a way to recover your passwords or want to use a two-step authentication system.

Not only having a dedicated email for these type of things is incredibly useful, but it is also a smart move if you want to protect your most important data, in addition, it would be great for you to write down the password of such email in case you forget it, and make sure the password is different from the ones you use with other accounts.

Being careful with your personal data is not a joke, neither avoiding hacking attempts, so follow these tips and you will be safe.

Create A Strong Password


Easy and reliable advice is to possess a great password. Your password can be anything you want, but if what you want is good protection against hackers, we recommend at least 10 characters, that includes both upper- and lower-case letters, as well a great combination of numbers and symbols.

The password doesn’t need to make sense, it can be a random combination of numbers and symbols, and the best way to really be secure is to write it down on a trusty notepad to help you a little bit.

Another smart move you can make is to use a password manager, since they are often secure and can help you enter your password almost automatic, and they also remember all the passwords you use in any type of website, so you can be safer while you browse the internet.


The Major Flaw of SHARE it And How Hackers Are Taking Advantage of It

Today there are many applications created for our devices that get the necessary requirements to become indispensable in our lives. One of them is ShareIt, an application capable of sharing videos, photos, and files through all our devices with fast movements and in a short time of waiting.

It is one of the most useful applications that have been created today and has become one of the most popular applications.

In the market of applications there are few that meet these features, but just like it has such good reviews, there are also bad things. Recently a very serious vulnerability has been discovered in the application that allows hackers to infiltrate the systems of users that have the application and can steal data. It is a big problem that attacks the personal data of millions of people.


Vulnerable Users

The vulnerabilities had been discovered in December 2017 and have begun to be corrected immediately by the team in charge of the company, although the technical details about the errors were revealed a few months ago to the surprise of many users.

Network security specialists mention that the details were kept hidden due to the impact of the vulnerability, ease of operation and wide range of attack that users could suffer.

Vulnerabilities can be exploited in a shared Wi-Fi network so hackers may intercept a device's traffic, among other malicious and counterproductive tasks it has been discovered that the attacker can even gain access.

Access is obtained due to no restrictions on the storage of the compromised device and hackers get all the data stored on a hard disk that could compromise the lives of many people, that is why the work to solve the problem.


To exploit the vulnerability, some simple processes are used where the attacker simply sends a curl command that references the path of the target file. After that, the specialists emphasize that you must know the exact location of the file to which it is pointed and, if not, you can simply copy all the files inside the memory and delete them in its entirety with a simple movement.

It is a very serious flaw and the experts are looking for the best way to solve problems.

The experts developed a proof of concept (nicknamed DUMPit!) with which they managed to download about 3000 different files (about 2 GB of information) in less than 8 minutes and thus made sure that the attackers had easy access to the data of the users, it was a test where good results were achieved to solve the problem.

This is how these problems have managed to create complete chaos within the user base of the ShareIt application. Experts are already solving most of the problems currently and a solution is expected to arrive in the coming days.