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networking - Events

In the world of video games, in general, there are great events around the world that make the industry stay active. Here you will learn more about each new development or video game that is released. Therefore, here is a list of the most important events to be done in 2019:

GDC (Game Developers Conference)

(San Francisco, California) March 18 – 22, 2019

It is the most important event in the world for professionals in the videogame sector in general, such as programmers, artists, producers, designers, musicians, and investors.

During this event, you will find different things such as conferences, a festival about the independent video game studio, deliveries of prestigious awards such as the Game Developer Choice Awards, reviews of different new video games, among many other things.

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

(Los Angeles, California) June 12 – 14, 2019

It is the most popular fair worldwide. It is well known by important gamers and YouTubers from around the world, which attend each year and lasts for a duration of three days. During the expo different conferences are held by the best and largest companies such as Microsoft, EA, Sony and Nintendo, others also attend.


(Cologne, Germany) August 22 – 25, 2019

Gamescom is the largest video gaming event in Europe where the attendance of more than half a million people is expected every year and this number continues to grow. It is a fair where professional video game staff meets as creators, producers, developers, among others and consumers or gamers, who are the people who enjoy every day of the video games that professionals produce.

The fair is divided internally into 3 zones, one specifically for gamers, where they can play, comment and share and interact with one another about all the new releases and gaming experiences.

There is another area called “overview” where sales of goods related to games are made and people are encouraged to participate in cosplay. There is also a business area, where expert developers, professionals, and traders can make deals and network to create new alliances in favor of video games.

It is a well-known fair for the tournaments that were held in it, besides that within it usually, certain records are beaten every year in several games.

Together the GDC, the E3, and the Comic-Con are incredible video game fairs and conventions where many events are held and many innovative things are shown in this world.

These events allow the industry to grow and progress in favor of the people who love video games and the whole world of digital entertainment.

It is expected that these fairs continue to grow and that each year more people attend them. There are also other important fairs around the world, especially in the capitals, but these three are the most important to talk about.