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Online Gaming Is Slowly Becoming the Norm, but Will Single-Player Games Survive?

shutterstock 188023607 - Online Gaming Is Slowly Becoming the Norm, but Will Single-Player Games Survive?

With the rise of the Internet, everything went online. Nowadays, this is more true than ever. Most services and goods are available and purchased online, which is why all the big industries have moved online too. One such industry is the gaming industry.

This entertainment area is one of the most popular ones, as there are millions of gamers worldwide. Four out of five people enjoy playing games in their free time, and they do so on various devices. Most games are online nowadays as a younger demographic of gamers yearn for more action, loot boxes, skins, characters, and whatnot.

With titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many others, the industry is looking to stay online. The move online might be permanent if you ask certain players. They cooperate in most such titles to complete an objective which is why these sorts of titles might be the future of gaming.

However, some companies still make single-player titles, and they do a fine job. These titles and companies argue that single-player games aren’t dead, nor will they be in the future. But the enormous audience of online gamers might disagree. So, who’s in the right?

The Mammoth That Is Online Gaming

As mentioned before, many industries have gone online. The entertainment industry is one of them, which is evident in many areas. For example, you can turn to films and TV shows. It used to be you’d wait for a show to come at a specific time on a particular day. Nowadays, platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more let you know when a show premiers. The premiere date is when you get an entire season, and you’ll get to watch it without having to wait for the next episode.

The iGaming region of entertainment is also online, despite the many land-based casinos still in operation. It’s easier for casino players all over the world to enjoy their favorite games online. They can also visit various online casinos. So, a player from the US, UK, or Canada can visit a Swiss online casino and vice versa. They can access loads of table and slot games and live titles, all from the comfort of their home on their PC or tablet or on their smartphones.

Technological advancements helped the move online. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to get a connection on your phone to play your favorite game. Fortnite is an interconnected game that allows players to play on consoles, PCs, and smartphones. This is one of the reasons why online gaming is slowly becoming the norm.

Then you have the overall popularity of gaming, making it an e-sport. Many young gamers are looking to become e-sport champions. They need to be ready for a match to get a better title shot. The games at these kinds of tournaments are online, which is why they play online games so much.

Another argument to consider is that people play these games together. It’s a fun activity that lets you spend time with your friends or family. These games are engaging and competitive, which is what gamers are looking for.

When you sum up these reasons, you’ll see why most companies are pushing for online games. Online gaming is becoming the norm and is pushing single-player games out. But certain companies are still around and are making a statement for single-player games.

A Statement in Defense of Single-Player Games

Most online gamers would argue that offline titles are on the out. But they aren’t, as there are lots of games out there that prove the opposite. Some companies might try blending modern gaming standards with their creative flows to produce spectacular titles.

One such example is the third Witcher game that was released in 2015. It follows the visual standards of the time and looks pretty good. The mechanics weren’t that smooth in the beginning, but everything was fixed with a few patches.

However, most gamers ignored the glitches because the game sucked them in. The story element in the Wild Hunt hooked players then, what reels them in now, and what will continue to fascinate them. It’s a game set in an imaginary world based on Slavic mythology, making it a fantasy game. It takes you to a magical world and lets you explore it as you please.

A story is something any online title lacks. It may look good and play smoothly, but a single-player game with a good story will always have a faithful audience. And it doesn’t need to adhere to the standards of the time.

Platformers are hits regardless if they’re released for PC or mobile devices. They are in their leagues because they know how to bend the rules. One platformer title that’s an example of this is Mark of the Ninja. It’s a 2D game that looks like a cartoon, and you, the player, go from mission to mission, or rather episode to episode, clearing buildings and getting to your objectives while avoiding traps. It looks good and has a nice story. In its essence, it’s a simple idea that works great.

In short, single-player games are here to stay. No matter how popular online games get, their single-player counterparts will always be on the market. A fraction of gamers will be looking for these kinds of titles.

It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a game. You can play single-player games if you’re looking for a story or an exciting title. Alternatively, online games will make you more competitive and will let you enjoy a fun gaming session with friends.

Although there’s a rise in online gaming, single-player games are doing pretty well. Both kinds of games will be popular because they challenge players differently. In a way, they need each other to keep the industry as a whole.

Online games offer a dose of competitiveness not available in single-player titles. On the other hand, single-player games offer good stories you can’t make happen in online games. Both are crucial to the gaming industry.


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