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There is much vulnerability in today’s systems, as we always look for new solutions to solve the real problems that are actually problematic.

That is why companies are creating awareness in society to avoid most of the scams that can occur on the Internet because of the computer attackers lurking in the shadows. One of those scams is called phishing and, in this article,we will see what it is.

What’s Phishing?

Phishing is a social engineering technique used by criminals to obtain confidential information such as user names, passwords and credit card details posing as a reliable and legitimate communication.

The Phishing scenario is usually associated with the ability to duplicate a web page to make the visitor believe that it is on the original web site instead of the fake

How does it work?

Deception is usually done via email, and often these emails contain links to a fake web site that looks almost identical to a legitimate site. Once on the fake site, unwary users are tricked into entering their confidential data, which gives criminals a wide margin for scams and frauds with the information obtained.

The main way to carry out the deception is by sending spam (junk mail) and inviting the user to access the decoy page.

The objective is to acquire confidential user information such as passwords, credit cards or financial and banking data. Often, these emails arrive in the inbox disguised as coming from human resources or technology departments or commercial areas related to financial transactions.

Other Ways

Another form of phishing which is less common, can be fax and SMS messages over the mobile phone. In some cases, great prizes and discounts will be proclaimed in the sale of products.

It should also be noted that the messages is generic and the messages are sent massively to reach a high number of users, knowing that a percentage (although minimal) will fall into the trap and enter the fake site, where they steal the information.

You have to be very careful with phishing because it is a problem that affects many users today, and all users are susceptible to this type of cyber scam.

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