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In this section, you will find important terminology tools so that you can understand all the content we share on our website, which deals with games, stores, and everything that has to do with digital entertainment and the security that it should have. For all this, we decided to make a list with terms used frequently on our website.


It is a platform that allows you to acquire and install your games without a problem. It is compatible with Mac and PC, and also allows you to store your collection of games so you never lose a key again. You can also get different achievements that help you compete and even get free games.

Online Security

Online security consists of the installation, maintenance, and management of electronic devices, software and social networks for the security of companies and individuals.


It is the abbreviation of one Shot one Kill (one shot a death), that is, be so dry as to kill an enemy of one.


In gaming, a spammer is a person who shoots everywhere, because if he has a “stroke of luck” he hits something. Another meaning of spammer is to define the people who write many messages in the chat, while they are playing.


It is a person who uses tricks or “hacks” to obtain better results in a game.


It is a negative way to say that the game has a lot of scripts, which makes it look very slow and you cannot properly enjoy the gameplay of it.


It’s when your game is slower than usual and it takes a long time to receive the order you are giving it. It can occur because of a server problem or your Internet connection or that many users are online with respect to the server’s capacity.


He is a very strong character or with greater abilities than others in the resistance, which fulfils the function of being a “shield” for his teammates and protecting them from the danger of other characters.

All these terms are very useful when you are talking about online games or anything that has to do with games as they help a lot to understand the general content of our blog.