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Online Security

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Online Protection 101 – Everything You Need to Know About Hackers

Without a doubt online security becomes more important every day due to the flow of data on the web and the increasing number of hackers who go fishing every day to do their illegal practices that threaten Internet users.

These hackers often steal confidential and personal information to hurt celebrities and people across the internet.

Just as there are very good things on the net, it is well known that this also has many risks and dangers, such as viruses and hackers. A large number of Internet users around the world have been victims of hackers, deceived by very effective tricks, that do not raise suspicion.

In this article, we will see the best ways to protect yourself from hackers and also an explanation of your actions on the web.

Main Causes

Hackers can search for information without malicious purposes, but many hackers are at the site of the raid and can hack you for several reasons. For example, there are small hackers, who seek to obtain passwords from friends and acquaintances to violate the privacy of these people, that data can be used for both a joke of bad taste and for blackmail and other purposes.

There are many types of hackers looking for very varied information, this is why you have to be informed.

Another of the causes to be hacked is the theft of accounts, this to use for malicious purposes such as the creation of spam, theft of more accounts, the creation of immense databases with information from people to sell to companies.

Suspicious Links

One of the main tips is to avoid clicking on suspicious links received by mail, and this does not matter if the sender is a known person. It is the custom of hackers to take contact names to have more credibility.

It may also be the case that the person is known to have bad intentions or that a hacker already has hacked the account of your contact, friend or family and manages to send emails containing a virus to infect your computer.


Remember that no bank requests data update by mail, if you get an email that looks like the bank asking for that type of information, communicate immediately with the bank and denounce this.

In fact, the most common thing is to receive emails that look for users to enter numbers and bank data to allegedly prevent the account from being closed. It's always fake, as you have to call the bank first so you can be sure about the source of the communication.


It is highly recommended that you always have a firewall active to avoid the entry of suspicious programs or to prevent data from coming out without our permission.

With these tips surely you and your computer will be protected from any type of damage or hacker that is in the network, it is necessary to keep the programs updated and to read information on the subject so as not to be a victim of these thieves.


Case Study: How Online Gaming Is Mandatory Even for Single-Player

Understanding the appeal of the majority of AAA companies in putting online features in linear games or single player games is something that we’ve seen these past years. While there are many good reasons behind these connections, we have to wonder about the options that most players have when they want to enjoy a simple offline adventure.

The Reason Behind Forced Online

One of the main reasons why games are allowing their single-player campaign to be connected to online almost all times is to try to optimize the experience and search for possible bugs and send reports of these flaws.

We understand that videogames aren’t perfect, and with technology evolving so quickly, finding bugs in videogames has become something so basic in the industry that they need new ways to approach them and make a proper patch.

The Destiny Problem

Bungie is a well-known AAA company that always delivers the best videogames around, they surprised all their gamers with the release of Destiny, a fun shooter with elements of RPG and is also heavily focused on online interactions, being their main objective while they were making the game.

But as their other entries, they have chosen to make a campaign mode, something that pleased the expectations of the fans a lot, since they are always up for some good old campaign mode.

Sadly, this campaign mode was a feature that needed to be connected to the internet at all times, making it quite impossible for players who didn’t want to connect their consoles to something impossible to reach. Some players also didn’t have an internet connection, making the whole game useless for these players.

The Problems That Comes with Forced Online

There are many gamers that choose to enjoy their videogames in an offline mode since they might be interested in spending some time disconnected from the World Wide Web and distract themselves with a game.

If this is the case, they might not be able to. Since there’s a long list of games that are including online features on their single player campaign, making the term “offline mode” almost obsolete.

While there are a handful of games that are still playable even though you deactivated your online features, a lot of games are now having a wall that doesn’t let you play the game at all.

The future for offline players is uncertain since there are fewer games that are being developed to be “online-free”, even if the game is not multiplayer, there is always going to be a new online feature.


4 Cyber Security Tips for Business Travelers

One of the greatest pleasures in the world is to travel. When travelling we are transported to other worlds very different from ours.

But, when we travel there is a very big problem, we leave all our electronic devices in the house and anyone could enter to steal our most precious data and leave us with no information.

This is why we often seek advice on the Internet to prevent bad people from stealing our data while we are somewhere else in the world. It is very important to keep all the informationsafe, so we won't end up being victims of theft perpetrated by hackers or even by people we know.

In this article, we will see some of the best ways to prevent hacking attempts to our data while we travel.

Keep Passwords Safe

We know that you have to be aware of many things while you travel, such as work, and that having a safe and different password for each product and service is hard to remember.

However, using the same password for everything or writing it down on a paper that everyone can see is a way to compromise the security of your company and your own personal information, that's why you need to keep your passwords safe in your mind for greater security.

Secure Network

If you connect to free Wi-Fi, make sure that the network in question is authentic. The vendor will have a sign with the access data on the wall, you can also ask someone inside your hotel.

Check the spelling well and do not be fooled, if you're going to connect to Wi-Fi, use your hotel's VPN and avoid financial transactions. If you do not have your own VPN, use a secure connection looking for the best VPN on the internet, so you will avoid many headaches.


One of the tricks that criminals use to get into the networks is to impersonate the email of a legitimate sender. No foreigner is immune to phishing scams, some of the most famous people have been victims.

Criminals love to get personal information stored in customer records, because they can sell or exchange it in the dark places of the Internet and, thus, make money. You have to be very careful.


You have to be very cautious and begin to make backup copies of your data to prevent a hacker from stealing your information and asking for a ransom for it. It is common for people who know little about the issue to pay large sums of money for their data to be returned while travelling. You have to be very careful with everything you do on the networks.

With these tips it is very difficult for hackers to attack you, you always have to be careful with your actions on the Internet and even more while you travel. These tips were made by professionals in the field to help our users.


Online Security for Beginners – 4 Tips to Know While You Browse Online

The Internet is already part of almost all of our daily activities. While there are more advances in the technological process and in international networks, even more, the internet comes close to our lives to be important.

That is why most systems around the world have started to integrate new technologies that ensure the total balance of a virtual platform, in order to keep users safer.

Online banking has also begun to follow in the footsteps of large industries, has gradually implemented all systems to the Internet. And many times, we usually see the advantages that these network systems provide, but we also need to see the drawbacks and find solutions to prevent the damage that could be caused.

In this article, we will review the most used tips to keep financial accounts secure within the Internet.

Safe Computers


When doing banking it is advisable to opt for computers that we use habitually (at home or at work), avoiding the use public computers or Wi-Fi networks that could capture personal data.

In the event that it is strictly necessary to use it, it would be best to change the bank passwords as soon as possible to avoid any theft of personal data and thus keep your accounts safe and free of any attack within the online world.



We should never archive keys, account numbers, passwords, card numbers or other confidential data on any computer as you may run the risk of losing it while someone you know goes through your files.

It is necessary to save all the data in a safe place where no person can access them. This is one of the main tips if we want to have the greatest security.

Bank Security


Once inside the digital banking area we should know that the portal of a digital bank has certificates that guarantee the security of the system.

To extend the confidence, other measures have been developed such as the blocking of the accounts against anomalous movements, notices against suspicious logins, the request of numerical passwords sent to the mobile device or the introduction of certain coordinates to the time to perform operations, among other things to detect bad operations.

Check Accounts


Digital banking allows you to access the accounts at any time to check periodically that no foreign movements occur, and that the date and time of connection correspond to the last session started.

And it is necessary for each person to keep most of their accounts updated and verified every so long to minimize the risks that might exist by having a bank account susceptible to stealing personal data. You always have to do a deep check of the accounts.

Once we have finished our operations, we must always close the session and the navigator. This way we will finish the online transactions correctly, with few drawbacks and sure that everything went well. These tips are fundamental and represent the best way to keep our financial accounts safe and free of any possible attacks.


3 Methods That Most Online Casinos Use to Protect Your Information

Every online casino has the goal to attract as many people as it can to the website because that's their business. Nonetheless, people need to be careful when choosing a casino to play at and keep their banking account data safe and far away from the actual server.

Here, we will show you 3 of the most used strategies online casinos implement to protect your information from being stolen in times where hackers are anywhere and everywhere.

Encrypted Information

If the casino you are planning to play at has ‘https’ starting the address means it follows an encryption protocol and your data will always be hidden. Besides, every money-based website has several encryption levels to hide the financial information the best they can.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We all are tired to hear people say the phrase “read the small print at the bottom of the contract” as if it was something people would forget as soon as they hear it. But yes, the raw reality is that we often don’t read those small letters and get discouraged by the final result when you notice the casino was selling your contact information to other people or companies.

Tricky Terms and Conditions Policies

The online casino you want to join should have clear terms and conditions. It is always easier to tell they will not take responsibility about certain things that happen in the playroom, or the payment conditions. You should always keep discussing it and learn exactly what will the casino take responsibility for and what not.

Casinos have more than these 3 methods to use and prove their value and trustworthiness by implementing any, or everyone, of these strategies listed above. And whether you like it or not, there's no better thing than feeling you are being taken care of while the casinos have your back most of the times.


Professional Advice – 3 Ways to Be Safe on the Internet

In this new era of technology, we still insist on some tips to surf on the internet and be safe. Using strong passwords, not revealing sensitive data, updating operating systems and having an antivirus updated are some of the recommendations that we provide to our readers.

We must accompany our children in the responsible use of the Internet, adopting new methods and condemning any kind of harassment-based situation that could harm users.

The Internet is some kind of universe, where there are also bad people and good people, but the number of people who carry out bad practices is rising in most of the countries, only last year there was an increase of 56% in the cyber world, an ever-increasing problem.

That is why this article will talk about some of the most used tips to maintain safety while surfing through the Internet.



One of the most basic tips is also the simplest of all, it is to protect your computer with a password, as this will restrict the login and prevent another person from entering without your consent.

The password must be strong so that no one can decipher it and, thus, it will maintain a protection barrier a little more secure than usual that can cope with any type of cyber-attack or theft of data on behalf of a thief of the network.

Secure Connection


This is a very interesting fact and it is something that not everyone keeps in mind. It is vital to avoid exchanging information without knowing the connection is secure.

To find out if a secure connection has been established, on the computer the beginning of the contacted page address will be "https" instead of "HTTP".

In addition, at the bottom of the browser (status bar), a closed padlock appears and will tell the users that the connection to the page is not being intercepted by any service of hacking.



You have to pay close attention to detect if your computer was infected with a virus or has malicious software. Among the signals you might find that the home page or other browser configuration elements have changed, some web pages are not accessible, popups appear endlessly, a new toolbar has been installed, the PC works very slowly, among other things. It is important to look for a solution with an antivirus.

With these basic tips, you will be able to secure your experience on the Internet, find a way to protect your computer, and help others keep their connections safe and avoid account theft on social networks or even entertainment networks.


Fight Back – What to Do Against Hackers in Your Favourite Online Videogame

Over the decades and the evolution of video games to the online world, new things have emerged and have completely changed the way in which the new titles that usually come out each year are enjoyed.

One of the main problems of today's online games are the so-called "hackers", who have entered the world of the Internet and have become a headache.

With video games, it's no different. Year after year newer games usually have users who cheat to win more things within them or to delete accounts of other players. They are a problem for everyone and there is a growing effort to eradicate them from each title.

That's why this article will review some of the most used tips to beat these hackers who cause so much damage.

Cheating is Almost Impossible to Avoid

The first step is to understand that video game cheating is something simple and will always be present in our current times. The developers believe that every new title will suffer from cheating, it's obvious, plus it's a pretty annoying thing.

Many companies try to stop the advancement of these users who cheat but the truth is that it is very difficult to stop them because video games are usually distributed to many people with different goals. It's hard to stop the advancement of hackers.

Fame - Hacking Attempts Linking

Then, there is another point even more logical and that every company should know at the time of creating a video game: the more famous the game is, the more hacking attempts will increase.

The fame of the game could harm the users of your game because of the hackers who are always lurking, seeking opportunities to cheat and destroy the gaming experience of honourable players.It's unbelievable but is true, all the famous games have had these problems.

Hackers Know How to Hide

Hackers will always try to hide from developers, so that traps are not detected, that is one of the strengths they will always employ to stop the massive searches that would take them out of the system.

A hacker can easily create codes to hide their illicit activities in the game server and with that, they can do anything they want without being discovered by a moderator or an administrator. We need to create programs and have strategies to ensure the integrity of the game.

Colour Coding Against Hackers

The game code is never safe. Yes, all hackers who play games have a copy, so any changes that are made will not go unnoticed for these users who cheat. It is the duty of developers to update the base code of their game to stop hackers and get a more complete user base and with clear rules from day one.

Surely, some hackers will manage to evade all security, but with each update, it won't be easy for them and the game will improve.These tips are very useful for game developers who want to keep their users away from hackers.

These main rules are important and should be a basis for the development of today's video games since the most important thing is to have many players who actually enjoy the game.


The Fraud of Online Videogames – Gamers on the Hook for Fraud

We all play games, and every year there are new innovations and video games undergoing an evolution for better or worse. It all depends on how good are the games that come out in that specific year.

But, lately, the maximum innovation was achieved with MMORPG, with portals to new interactive dimensions where we will find many users willing to share the game with us and explore immense worlds capable of surprising us.

However, there is a fairly large problem that has spread around most of these games. Today, there are many ways to steal in MMORPG and many unscrupulous users have taken the initiative and have created copies capable of emulating the original game, but always with an illicit background.

In this article, we will see some of the most common methods of fraud within this type of games that are so famous all over the world.


Piracy is a pretty big problem in the video game world. Currently, most of the games that are on the market are immediately copied by users and distributed free of charge over the Internet.

There is no regulatory body for this type of illegal content and users who do this kind of practices maintain absolute anonymous. It is a headache for companies, as there are cases where the username has been stolen because of some pirate applications.

The Trap

One of the most used methods in today's online games has a bit of social engineering. Bad users who perform these practices usually enter the larger gaming servers and offer rewards or game items to regular players who become interested and fall into the trap.

It is here when the bad users ask for the password and username of the players to then steal everything they have in their account and leave them ruined.

These methods are being used at every moment within the biggest MMORPG, and that is why you have to create awareness to stop the fake players who are looking to harm the communities of these games.


3 Computer Security Tips You Should Already Know

We all have confidential information to protect, both in our personal lives and in our professional work. It is becoming more and more common to read news about companies to which the information and customers have been stolen. In many cases, what has led to theft is the basic computer security shortfall of one of the employees.

We all have a responsibility in the use and storage of confidential information by electronic means. That is why we will share some of the best tips for computer security in our companies or businesses right here.

Updated OS

Perhaps the most important thing for the security of a computer is to maintain the operating system (Windows, OS X, Linux, etc.) of the computer and the programs that are used, updated with the last security patch.

This is because as soon as you have a security problem in an operating system or in a program, the cybercriminals analyse it and quickly look for ways to exploit it to achieve their ends and easily get the data of the majority of users who have security issues inside the outdated computers.


Every day, we get more external information, download files and browse a lot on the Internet. Therefore, it is essential that the computer has an antivirus installed to be protected against so many possible threats.

It is true that as they are less used than computers with Windows, the cybercriminals pay less attention to MAC devices, but they also need antivirus programs, because anywhere in the world there are hackers capable of detecting faults in Mac systems and can completely damage the data stored on your device.


When we move away from our computer for a moment it is important to block it. It is an operation that costs a couple of seconds and prevents someone from using the computer and stealing our information while we are absent.

These tips are essential today to maintain more stable security of a computer at any time. Following the advice presented here, will help you in the battle against the cybercriminals that sooner or later can attack your most vulnerable information, so it is necessary to protect our PC very well from all these drawbacks.


Online Interactions – Is Roblox Safe for Our Children?

With the arrival of Minecraft into the world of video games, the sandbox genre took another direction. From being a genre that involved fights and missions, it became something else, focusing a little more in exploration and creation, letting your imagination take flight and see what you can do with the boundaries of the game.

Roblox is an example of this type of game that became quite famous among young gamers. The average players of Roblox are around 5-15, making it a family friendly video game since there’s no crude violence or explicit language, just an original game designed to be safe for kids.

Is Roblox The Right Game for Our Kids?

The main pros of Roblox are that the game is incredibly creative within their elements, as well as the features that have made it a really fun video game, which can truly be enjoyed by players of all ages.

With that in mind, something that also has to be said about Roblox is that, as many other games from these past years, is focused on multiplayer connectivity. The fact that Roblox doesn’t possess a single player mode (or offline mode as some people choose to refer to it) can be a problem for some parents who are afraid of the online contact of their child.

The Problem with Online Interactions

As any other video game that relies on multiplayer connectivity, the main experience is to interact with other players, and Roblox being a game that is mainly focused on creation and exploration, one of the main things to consider is the user-generated content that is on the game, and how it affects our kids in particular.

For example, taking in consideration that Roblox allows any kind of players and it doesn’t have an age restriction, any kind of person can interact directly with your kid, making it the main issue regarding the safety of the game and what we are exposing our kids to.

Terms of Service and Parent Control

The interactions between the players are always being monitored in Roblox as in another type of video games, but in Roblox, we know that there are moderators and certain rules that make the game a little safer for our kids.

There are serious consequences if you use inappropriate language, any use of bad words can result in a ban, it also detects if you use bad language and censorship is implemented almost immediately, making the game a little friendlier to young users and approachable to all ages.