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shutterstock 188023607 - Online Gaming Is Slowly Becoming the Norm, but Will Single-Player Games Survive?

Online Gaming Is Slowly Becoming the Norm, but Will Single-Player Games Survive?

With the rise of the Internet, everything went online. Nowadays, this is more true than ever. Most services and goods are available and purchased online, which is why all the big industries have moved online too. One such industry is the gaming industry.

This entertainment area is one of the most popular ones, as there are millions of gamers worldwide. Four out of five people enjoy playing games in their free time, and they do so on various devices. Most games are online nowadays as a younger demographic of gamers yearn for more action, loot boxes, skins, characters, and whatnot.

With titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many others, the industry is looking to stay online. The move online might be permanent if you ask certain players. They cooperate in most such titles to complete an objective which is why these sorts of titles might be the future of gaming.

However, some companies still make single-player titles, and they do a fine job. These titles and companies argue that single-player games aren’t dead, nor will they be in the future. But the enormous audience of online gamers might disagree. So, who’s in the right?

The Mammoth That Is Online Gaming

As mentioned before, many industries have gone online. The entertainment industry is one of them, which is evident in many areas. For example, you can turn to films and TV shows. It used to be you’d wait for a show to come at a specific time on a particular day. Nowadays, platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more let you know when a show premiers. The premiere date is when you get an entire season, and you’ll get to watch it without having to wait for the next episode.

The iGaming region of entertainment is also online, despite the many land-based casinos still in operation. It’s easier for casino players all over the world to enjoy their favorite games online. They can also visit various online casinos. So, a player from the US, UK, or Canada can visit a Swiss online casino and vice versa. They can access loads of table and slot games and live titles, all from the comfort of their home on their PC or tablet or on their smartphones.

Technological advancements helped the move online. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to get a connection on your phone to play your favorite game. Fortnite is an interconnected game that allows players to play on consoles, PCs, and smartphones. This is one of the reasons why online gaming is slowly becoming the norm.

Then you have the overall popularity of gaming, making it an e-sport. Many young gamers are looking to become e-sport champions. They need to be ready for a match to get a better title shot. The games at these kinds of tournaments are online, which is why they play online games so much.

Another argument to consider is that people play these games together. It’s a fun activity that lets you spend time with your friends or family. These games are engaging and competitive, which is what gamers are looking for.

When you sum up these reasons, you’ll see why most companies are pushing for online games. Online gaming is becoming the norm and is pushing single-player games out. But certain companies are still around and are making a statement for single-player games.

A Statement in Defense of Single-Player Games

Most online gamers would argue that offline titles are on the out. But they aren’t, as there are lots of games out there that prove the opposite. Some companies might try blending modern gaming standards with their creative flows to produce spectacular titles.

One such example is the third Witcher game that was released in 2015. It follows the visual standards of the time and looks pretty good. The mechanics weren’t that smooth in the beginning, but everything was fixed with a few patches.

However, most gamers ignored the glitches because the game sucked them in. The story element in the Wild Hunt hooked players then, what reels them in now, and what will continue to fascinate them. It’s a game set in an imaginary world based on Slavic mythology, making it a fantasy game. It takes you to a magical world and lets you explore it as you please.

A story is something any online title lacks. It may look good and play smoothly, but a single-player game with a good story will always have a faithful audience. And it doesn’t need to adhere to the standards of the time.

Platformers are hits regardless if they’re released for PC or mobile devices. They are in their leagues because they know how to bend the rules. One platformer title that’s an example of this is Mark of the Ninja. It’s a 2D game that looks like a cartoon, and you, the player, go from mission to mission, or rather episode to episode, clearing buildings and getting to your objectives while avoiding traps. It looks good and has a nice story. In its essence, it’s a simple idea that works great.

In short, single-player games are here to stay. No matter how popular online games get, their single-player counterparts will always be on the market. A fraction of gamers will be looking for these kinds of titles.

It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a game. You can play single-player games if you’re looking for a story or an exciting title. Alternatively, online games will make you more competitive and will let you enjoy a fun gaming session with friends.

Although there’s a rise in online gaming, single-player games are doing pretty well. Both kinds of games will be popular because they challenge players differently. In a way, they need each other to keep the industry as a whole.

Online games offer a dose of competitiveness not available in single-player titles. On the other hand, single-player games offer good stories you can’t make happen in online games. Both are crucial to the gaming industry.



Virtual Reality and Hacking – New Exploit Threatens Virtual Reality App

Even though it is hard to believe, hacking people’s virtual reality (VR) experience can be easily done by attackers anywhere in the world. A group of researchers from New Haven’s Alma Mater found a breachwhere some hackers were able to skilfully get access to some VR Rooms playing with people’s gaming experience while damaging their real-life perception as well.

Here, in this article, we in Pure Electronic Games online are excited to teach you how the VR world is being threatened by the imminent attack of hackers.

New VR App

dark silhouette - Virtual Reality and Hacking - New Exploit Threatens Virtual Reality App

Bigscreen is the name of the virtual reality gaming app this group of hackers got the chance to get access to. The VR app is built on the Unity platform, a small game development company.

The app basically shows a made-up world for everyone using it where all the users can communicate with each other while discovering things on their way, like secret rooms, secret objects, share content, watch movies, and more.

Hackers Everywhere

vr codes - Virtual Reality and Hacking - New Exploit Threatens Virtual Reality App

The possibilities to do new things and take advantage of a breach in any internet connection-based platform is almost impossible to avoid as the internet lets you share, copy, and gather information from any source.

In Bigscreen the hackers started to break-in into private rooms, making objects to appear from nowhere making the users feel very uncomfortable, while being heard by an ‘invisible guest’.

This way, the investigation group found out how the hackers were entering the rooms while nobody noticed, and stayed there hearing and recording everything. Because of this, it’s important to keep your information safe, and never share it in public spaces like apps and chatrooms, even though they assure it’s private.


Fraud and the Internet – How to Avoid Internet Scams

It is becoming more and more common to see suspicious messages of ridiculously reduced products, incredible discounts and offers that are irresistible on social networks. Since Instagram has been consolidated as a business and shopping platform, finding users of this type of scam is beginning to be common.

The scam is the commonly used name that is used to refer to the deception or scam that users can suffer if they fall for those attention calls mentioned above.

Most of the time they happen on a website with big discounts, recognized brands that sell their stock almost gifted through Facebook. This is how the user falls into the trap, clicks on the link and the damage is done. The user’s money and data is stolen, which damages the integrity of these social networks.

In this article, we will see some more reliable methods to avoid scams throughout the world of the Internet.

Don’t Give Passwords

monitor head - Fraud and the Internet - How to Avoid Internet Scams

The most important and most widespread council throughout the world is never to facilitate and under no circumstances provide the user keys of any of the services we use, including email, social networks, bank accounts, PayPal, among other things.

None of these entities will ever request to renew passwords or check them via email, so if you receive any mail with these requirements, they undoubtedly are scam.

Check URL

url - Fraud and the Internet - How to Avoid Internet Scams

Another important measure to avoid this type of scams, is to access the official page from a corresponding URL and avoid the links we can find in secondary pages and confusingly, could redirect to another.

We must enter the specific URL in the browser or in its default, type it in Google, checking the URL in the address bar, because many times the scam pages copy the layout of the normal pages and cause the thefts.

Don’t Click

click here - Fraud and the Internet - How to Avoid Internet Scams

Nor should we clickon any link we find in social networks, as they have become the new way of distribution of malicious software by cybercriminals. If you perceive suspicious links from the wall of some social network, even from one of your friends, it is advisable not to click, as many of these malicious scripts are forwarded from one account to another, as happens with emails, which are sent to many users.

PC Updated

upgrading - Fraud and the Internet - How to Avoid Internet Scams

We must keep the PC updated and have precise tools in the removal of malware, it is imperative to prevent infections or to restore the computer to normal once they have occurred. In the market, there are free and effective tools that we can use.

It is important to apply common sense, because if someone offers us something that sounds too good to be true, surely it is not, so it is not worth risking to check.

With these tips, you can probably keep away from the biggest dangers of the internet as the main thing is your data and have the necessary security within your devices.

That is why these scams often use people with little common sense or low security within their PC and other devices that handle personal accounts and they might be prone to receiving attacks from several groups of hackers or scam organizations.


Cloud Storage and the Future for Online Videogames

The cloud is part of everyone’s life, and we love to store our files there, photos, music, and even our favourite movies. It seems that future generations would not need a physical product if it can be delivered digitally.

And with the advantages of this ability to access content from almost anywhere, and on different devices, it makes sense that we use this technology.

But just as the cloud has affected music and movies, it is about to have a dramatic impact on the world of video games. The cloud has become something important, video game creators have wanted to take advantage of this new trend and more and more companies flock to cloud technology and also to streaming services.

In this article, we will see the main reasons why the cloud could become the future of video games.


Cloud technology in video games continues in its beginnings as bandwidth is still invariably insufficient, and the games themselves are often not designed with the cloud in mind. However, it is predicted that for 2017 the market of the discharge and transmission will grow nine times, while the segment of the games in box remains stagnated relatively.

The process of how technology will develop can be slow and country-to-country while technology improves can make significant progress.

Is it a Reality?

Some may say that cloud play is already a reality, there are numerous online games that can be played anywhere but what we are really talking about is invisible games where a game is “transmitted” through the house and any of your devices.

It’s not about the equipment but the bandwidth that could damage the user’s gaming experience, but it’s still an experience worth taking, it’s a necessary risk to advance the technology.

New Developers

A few developers are still hesitant to enter this new platform. For example, EA says they want to focus on the enjoyment of the players in their HD games, as in Battlefield, which will not be viable in the cloud for some time. Others are concerned about the subscription models discussed, they don’t see the business opportunities they offer.

A certain thing is that those who are late will end up behind the pioneers of this new opportunity as companies like Microsoft are having great success.

Most of the data provided here are real, and companies want to be sure that they will be able to take advantage of video games in the cloud and that is why they are looking for new ways to maintain safer connections.

128867? w=800 - Cloud Storage and the Future for Online Videogames

From Visually.


2 Tools to Prevent the Attack of Hackers

At this moment in history, it is not a novelty that many companies are the centre of attacks by hackers, so you need to know how to prevent possible attacks on data and sensitive information about your business, transactions, customers, employees and suppliers.

It happens that many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not worrying about having security measures on their equipment, communication networks over the Internet and software.

This is why we will present the best tools to control cyber-attacks in any company and with the best results of the whole market.

Data Encryption

cd lock - 2 Tools to Prevent the Attack of Hackers

Using data encryption or encryption in the information that is transmitted through your computers and networks is vital, that is, the technologies and the process that makes any information illegible if the correct security key is not entered.

This data encryption can help you to secure the confidential data of your business and keep any kind of data that contains valuable and necessary details for the growth of your businesssafe.


binary - 2 Tools to Prevent the Attack of Hackers

Know the network. This means that you need to know and analyse all the movements that occur in the networks, the entrances and exits and also who are the people who possess credentials of access to computer programs, computers and services contracted of the type cloud computing.

If you realize an activity out of the ordinary, your duty is to make preventive decisions before the attack is imminent or there is a theft or leak of information that jeopardizes the integrity of your company.

With these great tips, you can keep the hackers away from your company, you can sleep quietly thinking that your data will be very safe. That is why it is vital to get good training and learn as much as possible about the subject, and in that way, you won’t fall into traps and cheap tricks.


3 Ways to Protect Your Money Against Hackers In 2019

Who said hackers can’t mess with our finances? Thanks to the advances of technology, the financial institutions allow us to do certain operations directly from their official pages, avoiding that we have to go to the bank all the time.

But not everything is good, because we could be victims of blockades of computer experts, able to play with our money and leave us in bankruptcy with simple computer movements.

In this article, we will share some of the best tips to be safe from any computer attack on our money.

Confirmation Codes

Use confirmation codes. It seems a little obvious and that’s why sometimes we don’t do it right. Many of us are left with a single security system and forget about the other elements that the bank offers us.

If our bank has more than one security system to make transactions it is because they want us to be protected against hackers, so let’s use everything they have in place.

Public Wi-Fi

Do not use public Wi-Fi networks. When you enter your bank accounts, try not to do it from public networks, because of how easy it is to access. It is one of the spaces most frequented by hackers.

Usually, in public networks, there are viruses that can affect the operation of the computer and the pages that we enter because that is where the hacker does his job.

Official Apps

Install the official app of your bank. That will give you the security and certainty that everything you do is shielded and you are interacting directly with the bank and not with a third party.

It is almost impossible for hackers to be able to enter applications because they are encrypted systems that require a lot of work to be violated.

With these tips you’ll be completely sure that your money will not fall into the hands of computer attackers, you’ll have your finances safe and live with more peace of mind.


Security On-Demand – Google’s New Tool to Secure Your Credentials

There are many Internet data violations every day that affect many users. That is why we need firm and lasting solutions so that every person within the networks can feel much safer from any malicious virus or from any type of damage caused to our personal data.

Google has designed a new tool that will help us keep our data secure and let us know when a Web page is not safe.

This application has been designed to alert users when they use an exact user name and password combination for any web site that has been previously exposed in any third-party data breach, in order to protect and keep the user insured at all times.

guy laptop - Security On-Demand - Google's New Tool to Secure Your Credentials

What’s this Tool?

The new tool that is initially available as a free extension of the Chrome browser called Password Checkup, works by automatically comparing the user-entered credential on any site with an encrypted database containing more than 4 billion of committed credentials that are constantly updated for better security within the web. It is a very useful tool that provides a new insight to users on cybersecurity


Password and user information are kept in total privacy. Google has ensured that it is not possible for the data to be accessible within the system, as well as other external tools that protect the user against any failure that appears in the database.

Many technicians of the company have said that it is a very well implemented system that does not have many failures and that also has backups.


In addition to launching the new Chrome extension, Google has also included five security tips that serve to keep your software up to date, use unique passwords for each site, perform Google security control, set up a phone number for recovery or email address and use.

It is a great advantage to have these new tools that will serve to take much more into account the security of all our devices against the attack of hackers on the Internet. It is necessary to follow these tips for better development in the web field.


Multiplayer Odyssey – Funcom Planning to Make an Open World Dune Videogame

Open world sandbox is one of the most popular genres of videogames from recent times. With the addition of modern multiplayer elements, games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and even Fortnite shines with great multiplayer features that make the interaction between players more enjoyable.

The Fame of Recent Online Games

transparent controller - Multiplayer Odyssey - Funcom Planning to Make an Open World Dune Videogame

It is no secret that games revolving open world elements are incredible fun, we can see the growth of this genre since the early days of GTA and it has evolved into a new genre with the sandbox elements that are being introduced in the latest games.

With that being said, there are a lot of online games that take the best elements of sandbox videogames and open world features to make their online experience richer. With that in mind, we can take for granted that a lot of games including online and sandbox features are coming in the future.

The Arrival of Funcom To Open World Multiplayer

woman playing - Multiplayer Odyssey - Funcom Planning to Make an Open World Dune Videogame

Funcom has been having a great year when it comes to earnings. The past year was the most profitable for the company yet, and they are planning to expand horizons and search for a better project that can captivate the attention of the average gamer.

For that, they propose the option of working in a multiplayer title that had similar tones from the most famous entries of this year, such as Apex Legend. But the difference is that the direction that Funcom has for this new project has an interesting approach.

Legendary Entertainment Alliance

buying ingame items - Multiplayer Odyssey - Funcom Planning to Make an Open World Dune Videogame

In order to make the best game possible, Funcom has allied with Legendary Entertainment, a well-known videogame company among PC gamers. The next title in question is going to be based on one of the most interesting universes in any sci-fi story so far.

We are talking about the universe of Frank Herbert’s Dune. Being one of the best books of science fiction and one of the major inspirations for almost any science fiction story, the universe of Dune is going to be hard to adapt into a videogame, making the help of Legendary entertainment more useful than ever.

Funcom being a company with incredible success in their single-player adventures, they have very little experience with online multiplayer games. But this ambitious project is speculated to be a great project, as well an interesting game to look forward to the next couple of years.

With MMO games being one of the most playable genres among gamers, it is obvious that this project in the hands of Funcom is going to be a massive success, meanwhile, for the gamer community, we can only hope for this project to be as good as it sounds.


Players Demand – Sony Is Planning to Release New Multiplayer Exclusive Video-games

The big AAA Companies behind every famous video game saga or title are considering the fact of making an online multiplayer video game, thanks to the well-received games that we’ve had this past couple of years.

Considering, for example, the success of Fortnite and Hearthstone, even if we take a look at the past, we’ll find games such as World of Warcraft and Team Fortress. The future lies on online multiplayer games and it is time for Sony to get into that field and make a new title, which will be heavily focused on a great multiplayer experience.

The Future Plans of Sony

ps4 - Players Demand - Sony Is Planning to Release New Multiplayer Exclusive Video-games

Every console that Sony has made, has become a mass success, and this is not only for the graphics capabilities and features of their PlayStation home consoles but the great titles that come behind this console too.

With that in mind, Sony is finally considering a big project for the rumoured PlayStation 5. We are talking about an online experience as we’ve never seen before, that promises us to be one of the most memorable games by this legendary company.

Sony In Comparison with Other AAA Companies

buildings - Players Demand - Sony Is Planning to Release New Multiplayer Exclusive Video-games

The exclusives of Sony have become the strongest points of this company, take a look at their God of War saga or the well-known Uncharted saga. While these games are incredibly great, they lack a good multiplayer experience.

In another interesting point of view, other AAA Companies, such as Nintendo, have a great market in what it is their online multiplayer. One of the best examples is the legendary sagaSuper Smash Bros Ultimate, that possesses a great multiplayer feature that can extend the replay value of the game considerably.

Without mentioning other AAA Companies, we now understand the position of Sony when it comes to online features, as well how their games are lacking a great multiplayer mode, so they can finally shine on their own and add a little more of time to their replay value.

Being Available for Other Consoles

controllers - Players Demand - Sony Is Planning to Release New Multiplayer Exclusive Video-games

Cross-playing as most of the gamers call these games, are video games that share their online servers with other different consoles that don’t follow their same company. For example, Fortnite, being a game that allows cross-playing, a Nintendo user and an Xbox user can play on the same match even though they have different consoles.

So, the option of sharing servers with other console users makes the game feel really different, since now there are more players from other consoles. Having more players in the same server also allows more matches with different players, making the game more diverse when it comes to skills and player’s interaction.

However, there is a major point that has to be explained about the new multiplayer game by Sony, while this isn’t written on stone, they are considering the chances of not having a cross-playing mode.

Having the game being exclusively for Sony will make their new console more appealing for players, making an interesting feature for the next PlayStation. Sony is truly a professional gaming business and knows what their players want, that’s why we can expect this new multiplayer project to be a massive success.


Bethesda Slips – Fallout 76 Might Not Possess Protection against Hackers

Bethesda is a big AAA company known for their amazing RPG sagas Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, being one of the greatest RPG’s with a dedicated fan base, any release from Bethesda regarding these titles are often praised among fans.

However, Bethesda is also known for having a lot of glitches and error within their games, and after the launch of their newest game, “Fallout 76”, they reached a new low when we refer to glitches.

The problems with Fallout 76

Being the first title in the saga to be completely online, Fallout 76 had a lot of expectations to fill, from great online interactivity to a vast open world that could compete with other entries.

Sadly, the result of Fallout 76 ended being a game full of glitches and even had unplayable errors that highly affectedthe gameplay. But while the game was reaching a controversy among their glitches, another problem was rising from the shadows.

Security issues and hacked servers in Fallout 76

Apparently, there was a huge oversight from Bethesda while encoding the game’s server, leaving a potential breach that could allow hackers to modify models and terrain of the server. Not only does this affect the overall game, but can also give unfair advantages to the hacker while they play.

But the nightmare doesn’t end there. Multiple exploits can be made to leak information from Fallout 76 servers, meaning that your basic information can be easily extracted from hackers, making it a thread for all players.

Bethesda has reassured that most of these mistakes are being corrected and fixed and it is only a matter of time and multiple patches for the game to come back to its former glory. For many fans, this sounds like a plain excuse for delivering an unfinished product that might harm their security.

As we stated earlier, Bethesda has a long history of making unfinished products, such as the first release of Skyrim that was filled with bugs that affected its reputation among fans. It is only a matter of time to see if Fallout 76 will be a proud entry to the Fallout saga. Or will it finally end as a failed videogame?