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‘Current state of Quantum Error for Xbox Series S is unacceptable’

shutterstock 1964860756 7 - 'Current state of Quantum Error for Xbox Series S is unacceptable'

Quantum Error will first be released on the PlayStation 5 and later the game will also become available for PC and Xbox Series consoles. However, the developer is experiencing major challenges in optimizing the game for the Xbox Series S.

Currently, there is no release date known for the PC and Xbox Series versions. It seems that the game will be the last to be released on the Xbox due to the difficulties the developer is having with the Xbox Series S. Quantum Error was originally designed for the PlayStation 5, and Microsoft’s less powerful console makes it difficult for the game to run properly.

As a result, the game will not be able to reach 60 frames per second anyway. Gamers will have to make do with half of that. But that is not the only problem, as the resolution will also be lower. Right now, Quantum Error is functioning far from optimally.

Co-founder of developer Teamkill Media, Micah Jones, revealed to GamingBolt that the image is blurry and the frame rate is very low. As a result, he is not sure if the game can be released on the Xbox Series S at all.

“We are not 100% sure yet, the Series S so far works but it runs really poorly, frame rate is very low, and resolution is extremely blurry. We will continue to work to see if we can improve things, but the current state of the game on the Series S is unacceptable.”

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