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The End of An Era – Are Offline Games Finally Becoming Extinct


Video games are a relatively new platform of entertainment that is incredibly different from other experiences that we can get in our homes. We are talking about entering an adventure and seeing an incredible digital world where we can be a part of it, making it a great sensation and a good hobby for many.

But, video games in the past were often a solo experience that let us be part in a major point of a narrative, as well as taking important decisions that may affect the outcome of the story. Most of the video games that take the elements of narrative and the opinion of the player are being praised for, such as Fallout: New Vegas and the Mass Effect saga.

If we take a closer look at these current times, we’ll realize that some sagas have turned into multiplayer experiences that are trying to fuse a good narrative with the online connectivity that we all know.

The Appeal of Multiplayer

kid playing - The End of An Era - Are Offline Games Finally Becoming Extinct

While we can invest about eight-to-nine hours of our time in a game that possess a solo narrative which is interesting and appealing, many gamers are going to feel drawn to a quick 30 minutes match in their favourite online video game, such as CS: GO and League of Legends.

The amount of time they have to enjoy the game, as well the challenge that comes when you face another player in combat, are more satisfying for modern gamers than following a structured adventure that is often boring and feels empty for many out there.

Not to mention that there’s a lot of online video games that rely on the cooperation of the players, such as the MMORPG’S, a genre that is mostly focused on the interaction of players, and these games are known for requiring a lot of time in order to progress, so it is better for players to focus on one video game than split their time playing tons of single player games.

The Single Player Experience

controller table - The End of An Era - Are Offline Games Finally Becoming Extinct

There’s no doubt that a lot of single player releases in this year are being praised for their narrative and the overall experience, such is the case of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Uncharted 4. These games are long-awaited sequels that truly made an impact on the day they were released.

But, most of these single player-based video games are coming with online features and multiplayer connectivity. Such is the fact of Red Dead Redemption 2, which possess an online experience that can be compared with its single-player experience, making it more appealing for the player to play multiplayer experience, rather than enjoying the narrative of the single player.

Multiplayer video games often come with the experience of bonding with other people while you play, making it more complete for many than following the traditional story, and while a lot of these multiplayer games come with a campaign and story, if we face the truth, we all know that the main reason why they play the game is for the multiplayer story.

The future for offline video games is uncertain since every day there’s less enthusiasm for enjoying a solo adventure and most gamers are drawn to the quick action that most online video games have to offer them, making them more appealing for gamers.

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