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How To Find Your Lost Private Archives On Your PC

Every time you delete something on your PC you can recover it with a free tool to recover deleted files. It works on the system, on external hard drives, or even on an MP3 player, smartphone or pen drive.

This is possible thanks to the fact that when we delete a file, it does not completely disappear until it is overwritten with other data just in the sector that it occupied on the disk, in this article, we will see some steps to recover files.


First, you must stop using the computer immediately to avoid overwriting information about what you want to recover. For the same reason, it is important that you have the application you will use to recover the previously deleted file. But if this is not the case, we can still try with several methods that are used when these problems appear.

Run the Software Through your Computer


Run the program and answer what kind of files you want to retrieve. The more specific you are, the faster the process will be. If you are looking for only one document, there is no need to mark photo or music files, for example.

Deep-Scanning is the Key


You can do a deep scan, something that will be necessary if you have used another application to recover files and you did not get anything, or if you have already done a couple of quick searches with the application and you did not find what you wanted.

Check & Recover


To retrieve, check the checkbox of the files you want back and press "recover". Here you will be asked in which directory you want to do it and you must choose the external storage device you are using again.

After completing the process, all the files you lost will be back and you can use them again without any problem thanks to the great applications that make life easier.

vpn laptop - 3 Major Advantages of Using a VPN This Year

3 Major Advantages of Using a VPN This Year

More and more people opt for a VPN instead of using a Wi-Fi connection or a local network of a telephone operator. One of the main reasons is that you can dodge censorship, telework (connect from home to the network of the office), and have more security against viruses and hackers, to achieve a total block against any threat that exists in the network.

An important aspect to note is that they are private, you can only access them if your computer is connected or discharged on that network, it is something quite interesting and they are able to collect a lot of information in a short period of time. Let's see in more detail what kind of advantages they offer:

They Work for All Types of Applications

This is because they are able to route all Internet traffic, this type of services manages to channel a large amount of data and are able to move around several types of networks looking for the best availability and security.

Easy Connection and Disconnection

Once you have set it up, you can turn the connection on and off whenever you want to control your data.

You Can Falsify Your Location

This is to avoid censorship or access limited content to a region, otherwise, you would not have access to them.

It is proven that using VPN programs will increase security levels by using your device, it is very important to know the benefits to be able to create barriers against everything related to hackers and the way they work.

Best VPN Providers

From Visually.


Mac OS Mistake – New Unpatched Mac OS Comes with a Flaw that Might Compromise Your Security

Creating a stable and safe software is more ofa utopia than a mere reality, and Apple is now tasting a bit of their own medicine with the latest version of their biggest Mac OS Mojave, where a bridge was found and malicious apps and programs could have complete access to your personal data and sensitive information without even breaking a sweat.

Can you imagine being one of the users and find out your identity has been stolen while you were browsing through Google? Outrageous, right?

In this article, we’ll show you how Apple is dealing with the flaw, and how it was found by an app developer who was trying new stuff.


The Flaw Affects all Mojave Versions

No matter the Mac OS version you’re running on your devices, it’s important to let you know this breach is known to affect all Mojave versions and previous ones as well. Apparently, the exposure allows several apps to have access to people’s browsing history whether it is enabled or not.

Encrypted Information and the fear of leakage

These files are usually encrypted and in read-only mode, but even though people are being conscious and want to protect their information, hackers are smarter and more vicious than a ‘regular' person. So, it's inevitable for hackers to access the ‘hidden' files and check all the information they happen to find inside making you feel vulnerable and ‘naked' online.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, the app developer who found the breach chose not to share the actual way to enter the files without any restriction whatsoever until Apple is able to release their new patched version after fixing the flaw to avoid problems.

Now you know. If you are an avid iOS lover and love to search around online while using sensitive information, be careful and take good care of your personal data.


Protect Your Phone – 3 Tips to Secure Your Data

You may not realize it, but most of our online interactions are made through our smartphones. Sure, we use our computer a lot while we work or interact on social media, but, nowadays, people are more connected thanks to the use of our mobile devices, and the way we can connect almost immediately to the internet with these devices.

But the downside of smartphones is how easily we can get hacked just by using them on a regular basis, although, there are, of course, a lot of ways to avoid this.


Don’t use public Wi-Fi

One of the quickest ways hackers use to extract information from users is when they connect to public domain Wi-Fi. A skilled hacker can see exactly what you are doing on your smartphone without much trouble. If you want to avoid being hacked, you need to stop using public Wi-Fi.

Keep your smartphone updated

Most of the flaws that your smartphones have are easy access for hackers. Thankfully, the systems are always updating their mistakes and closing the loopholes that many hackers use to find exploits and bugs, all in order to get our private information.

Having your device updated means that you have the latest digital security and also that you are not likely to suffer from hacking attempts.

Avoid spam emails

One of the easiest tricks for hackers to get into your private info is by using spam emails and messages, if you are smart enough, you’ll know how to ignore and avoid any of these messages, and so you will protect your information and keep it away from these types of hackers.

With that being said, following these easy tips can make the difference to keep your personal information as far as possible from hackers, in that way, your data won't be stolen.


2 Tips to Prevent Xbox Live Gamer tag Hackers

One of the largest video game companies in the world is Xbox, where millions of users use their multiplayer servers to play with more people and unite the worlda little more. But there are several problems that occur when the computer hackers attack the users and steal their accounts.

The Gamertag is one of the main data of users who use Xbox and many people have lost it because of the attackers.In this article, we will review some of the best tips to avoid being scammed.

Install Antivirus


Most hackers get their password through viruses (malware) that have been installed on their computer without their knowledge (for example, when downloading a screen saver or toolbar).

It is important to clean your computer before changing your password. That way, they won't be able to get your new password and you can be sure at all times against the attack of computer hackers.

Change Password


Changing the password is one of the most important and necessary methods in this type of case. After you install your antivirus program, try logging in with your account. If you can still access your account, you should change your password immediately.

If you can't change the password, try restarting your password and find some way to save the information you need so that the computer attackers can never discover your personal data.

Preventing the account from being compromised in the future can take the following steps to keep your account safe and make it easier to recover if you are ever again engaged.

With these tips, it is possible to get maximum protection against the attack of hackers and various people who can damage most of the data that a user has inside his console or personal computer. These damages must be avoided at all costs.