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What is PEGI Online?
Over the last few years, the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) system has provided parents in Europe with detailed recommendations regarding the suitability of game content for young people. The PEGI system offers reliable information that is easy to understand, in the form of age-rating labels and content descriptions on game packaging, thus enabling informed buying decisions.

PEGI Online is a new addition to the PEGI system. Its purpose is to give young people in Europe better protection against unsuitable gaming content and to help parents understand the risks and potential for harm within this environment.

PEGI Online is based on four cornerstones:
the PEGI Online Safety Code and Framework Contract which is signed by all participants
the PEGI Online Logo which will be displayed by holders of a licence
our dedicated website for applicants and for the general public
an independent administration, advice and dispute settlement process.
The licence to display the PEGI Online Logo is granted by the PEGI Online Administrator to any online gameplay service provider that meets the requirements set out in the PEGI Online Safety Code (POSC). These requirements include the obligation to keep the website free from illegal and offensive content created by users and any undesirable links, as well as measures for the protection of young people and their privacy when engaging in online gameplay.

The PEGI Online Logo will appear on the packaging of the game if sold on a CD/DVD or on the game website itself. The Logo will show whether the game can be played online, and also whether the particular game or site is under the control of an operator that cares about protecting young people.

Games that are not played online but on consoles or on a PC will continue to be rated under the current PEGI system or other recognized European rating systems already in place.
Be sure to look for the PO Logo on the packaging for games and on websites offering online gameplay.